Autumn Black Mandrake Plant Seeds for Fertility, Love Magick, Protection, Poppet-Making

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Autumn Mandrake (Mandragora autumnalis), also known as Black Mandrake or Old World Mandrake, is one of the most choice varieties of all true Mandrake species, with easier germination and growth than "Mandragora officinalis." It is native to southern Europe and is a perennial with thick tuberous roots. The flowers are purple, which then give way to fruits of yellow and orange.

Autumn Mandrake, like Mandrake Official, has long been chosen for witch's gardens as it carries a variety of magickal uses. It has been used in flying ointments, worn in a hat for protection or love, carried in a pocket for fertility, and even made into poppets.

The ancients used Mandrake root as a fertility herb, an aphrodisiac, a magical totem, and as a medicinal to relieve pain or promote sleep. It was also known to cause strange delirium and madness. The leaves are harmless and cooling when used as a poultice, and the fruits are considered to be safe and tasty, but the root is a low-dose botanical that should be approached with caution.

Mandrake is known to be poisonous, not able to thrive in freezing weather.

Cultivation: Hardy in zones 6-10. Sow in spring. Germinates within 30 days at 70 degrees F. This plant prefers alkaline pH¬ó with deep, sandy soils. Autumnalis does fine in the moist shade.

One packet of 13 seeds. Open-pollinated and non-GMO

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