Wild Dandelion Plant Seeds Organic for Edible Garden, Bees, Sun Magick, Creativity, Inspiration

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Wild Dandelion is an herbaceous, edible perennial native to all temperate zones on the planet and is hardy in zones three to ten. This is a wild plant that many see as a weed, and it prospers in lush places like abandoned fields and lawns with many wonderful qualities, too numerous to list them all.

Spiritual and Magickal Uses:
- Add dandelion flowers to spells and rituals for sun magick, creativity, and inspiration.
- Use a dandelion flower that has gone to seed in spells for wishing and manifestation.
- Use dandelion tea mixed with mugwort before divination readings to increase psychic abilities.

Herbal Uses:
- An infusion of wild dandelion helps ease issues with digestion and detoxing, thanks to its diuretic effects.
- Create a paste by grinding and mixing with water to soothe discomfort from skin disorders such as acne, eczema, and rashes.
- Tonics created with the dandelion root help alleviate jaundice, protect the liver, and ease bloating and flatulence.

Culinary Uses:
- The yellow petals from the dandelion flower and the leaves are delicious and can be eaten in salad.
- The leaves can also be cooked and eaten like spinach.
- The roots of the plant can be dry-baked to bring out a rich, roasted flavor and then ground for use as a coffee substitute.
- Dandelion leaves have a unique flavor, both earthy and bitter, similar to arugula, endive, and radicchio.
- Dandelion flowers are slightly sweet and taste of honey.
- Steep two cups of fresh dandelion flowers in a quarter of boiling water fir a healthful, delicious tea. Add honey to taste.
- The leaves are an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium and iron.

This plant prefers partial shade to full sun, moist and rich soils. Sow in the spring by barely covering the seeds with soil. Tamp them down and keep them evenly moist and warm until germination.

Size: One packet of 100 (taraxacum officinale) seeds. They are certified organic.

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