Hyssop, Official Organic Plant Seeds for Shielding, Banishing, Faeries, Pulmonary Health, and Healing

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Hyssop is a woody perennial evergreen that is hardy in zones 5-10 and is a classic in knot gardens and for low hedging. This plant has been used to treat sore throats, colds, and is believed to be beneficial for asthma. Additionally, it is an excellent addition to the witch's garden for purification, cleansing, protection, and blessings.
Spiritual and Magickal Usage:
  • Hang a bouquet of hyssop by the front door to shield against unwanted energies from entering.
  • During a waning moon or dark moon, burn dried hyssop to assist in banishments, cord-cutting, or releasing patterns and behaviors which no longer serve you.
  • Adding hyssop to your garden can elevate the vibration of surrounding your home, acting as a beacon to faeries.
  • Add hyssop to sage or cedar for smudging to cleanse and purify your space from unwanted energies in your home.
  • Create an infusion with the flowers of this plant and spray for a "liquid smudge" and blessing.
Herbal Uses:
  • Herbalists have been known to create infusions with hyssop to aid in recovery from pulmonary diseases.
  • A tea made with fresh green tops is said to be a remedy for rheumatism.
  • An infusion of the leaves can be used externally for bruising and discolored contusions.
This plant prefers full sun and rocky or sandy, well-drained soil. Hyssop is best started indoors about eight weeks before the final frost of the season. The small seeds should be covered with a thin layer of soil (just under a half-inch should suffice). Keep the starts moist while awaiting germination, which takes approximately 2-3 weeks. Transplant outside once the last frost has passed, spacing seedlings 6-12 inches apart.
All information is provided for educational purposes with no guarantee of results; please use all herbal products with care.
Packet of 100 organic hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) seeds.

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