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A Shoppe Was Born...

Sacred Mists began long ago as a small practicing coven in Northern California. As time passed, and as the economy pulled coven members in different directions, an opportunity arose to bring Sacred Mists and its teachings online in order to give practitioners around the world access to our unique training programs. Sacred Mists Academy of Magickal Arts and Sciences ( began in 2000 and has been training worldwide since our very first day. Our large and active online coven and circle community is the best of its kind, offering support and camaraderie with like-minded people from every corner of the globe who share in the path of Wicca and Witchcraft.

As we moved forward, I found that there was a strong lack of truly unique, beautiful pagan ritual items to work with. Additionally, many of our students would share stories where they experienced sending money to companies for orders that were never received. I, too, had a very difficult time finding anything but the usual status quo products that never really spoke to me as a practitioner. It was in that moment that Sacred Mists Shoppe was born. In fact, it began in my own little garage. Just a small shelf which held blends of herbs, oils, incenses, and hand carved runes that I then made available only to my students at Sacred Mists. Soon, more and more students asked me to find pieces for them and encouraged me to bring develop a complete store to purchase their supplies safely, as well as help support the school with their purchases. In 2002, Sacred Mists Shoppe opened to the public with a completely unique and beautiful product line the likes of which had never before been available to the pagan community.

In 2010, we opened a physical location in Napa Valley, California. We were blessed to meet many within the community and surrounding area through our physical location and had such a wonderful time with it all. We held workshops, helped customers find solutions to their personal challenges, and aided those in the community who were in need of home blessings, cleansings, and redirection. We were able to provide tarot readings, Reiki healings, and in-person guidance to so many. Unfortunately, the economy was not able to support our physical presence and at the end of 2012 we closed our location and continued on as an online-only purveyor of magickal wares.

Over all of these years, other stores have followed suit to bring a wide array of blessed ritual tools, jewelry, clothing, candles, and many handcrafted pieces to the pagan community. I have been so happy to see that there is now a choice for us all in bringing what we truly connect with in order to amplify our practice in ways that transcend the mundane and expand our consciousness. Today, Sacred Mists Shoppe continues its tradition of carrying top of the line pagan wares and ritual supplies from around the world. We continue to strive daily to bring you the very best there is in order to aid and enhance your practice. We look forward to serving you!

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