Elecampane, Official Organic Plant Seeds for Banishing, Witch's Garden, Herbalist's Garden, Healing

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Elecampane official is an herbaceous perennial hardy in zones 3 to 8. It may be commonly called elfwort, elfdoc, yellow starwort, or horseheal. This giant plant is native to southern and central Europe, the Balkan Peninsula, and central Asia. It has beautiful yellow flowers similar to sunflower and can grow up to eight feet tall.
Spiritual and Magickal Usage:
  • Add elecampane to white sage or frankincense to banish unwanted energies.
  • Burn with mugwort to strengthen divination and scrying abilities
  • Add to incense to dispel anger and violent vibrations from the environment.
Herbal Uses:
  • Elecampane is most famous for its powerful abilities to support and strengthen the respiratory system.
  • A decoction of the root added to foods can stimulate appetite and overall digestive function.
  • Infuse honey with elecampane and drink in your tea to help with coughs, colds, and congestion.
This plant prefers partial shade and ever moist soils, it will tolerate full sun. Sow the seeds in the greenhouse early in the spring or sow directly in the garden mid-spring. These seeds are dependent on light to germinate. Plant on the surface or only very shallowly covered with soil so that the light can penetrate. Germination can be expected in about 12 days. Once the second set of leaves appear, transplant seedlings out to the garden, even if a few frosts are still likely. Plant seedlings 2 feet apart.
All information is provided for educational purposes with no guarantee of results; please use all herbal products with care.
One packet of 50 elecampane (inula helenium) pure seeds with the pappus, removed. They are certified organically grown.

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