Lady's Mantle Organic Plant Seeds for Healing, Women's Health, Herbalist's Garden, Witch's Garden

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Lady's mantle is a mounding perennial ground cover hardy in zones 5 to 9. This plant is native to Europe, temperate Asia and North America with scalloped deep green leaves with a lovely aroma. The common name, lady's mantle, refers to the folkloric legend that this plant was used to adorn the Virgin Mary statue for its resemblance to her "leaf-shaped" cloak. It is also sometimes called a "dew cup" plant for the way the deep leaves collect water.
Spiritual and Magickal Usage:
  • Lady's mantle is often added to spell workings and rituals to help women heal wounds of the past.
  • Added this to incense to bring courage to women, especially for matters surrounding childbirth.
  • This plant encourages healthy creativity.
  • Collect morning dew from this plant to achieve the same effect as the plant itself when added to potions and other liquids.
  • Use lady's mantle in spells and workings for love.
Herbal Uses:
  • Lady's mantle contains astringents and tannins with many benefits, including wound healing in addition to aiding with skin problems such as rashes, acne, and lacerations.
  • Added to a tea, it is said to help restore strength to the uterus after giving birth.
  • Lady's mantle can be added to dream or sleep pillows to promote better sleep.
  • An infusion of this plant can be used to remedy digestive problems by helping to relieve stomach ache and cramps.
This plant prefers partial shade but will tolerate full sun and moisture-rich soil. Sow in the fall or early spring. This is a light-dependent germinator, start in pots by barely covering the seeds with soil. Germination generally occurs in 15-22 days. When seedlings are sufficiently sized, move to your garden beds. Space these plants one to two feet apart.
All information is provided for educational purposes with no guarantee of results; please use all herbal products with care.
One packet of 50 Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris) seeds. They are certified organically grown.

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