Tektite Natural Stone for Expanding Consciousness, Auric Clearing, Psychic Sensitivity

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Tektites are created at the sites of meteor impacts. It is said that these stones were superheated to a liquid state when the meteor crashed and were then flung into the atmosphere. These rocks are found all over the globe and have a high vibrational benefit.
Tektites are often associated with heightened psychic sensitivities, increased synchronicities, and elevating your light energies by initiating energy flow from the Earthstar chakra up the column to the Soul Star chakra. While most black stones are considered grounding, these are not; they are meant to aid in elevating consciousness and vibration.
Using tektite:
  • Meditate with this stone to expand your consciousness.
  • Place tektite near your water bottle to infuse it with the energy to feel connected to your body when disassociation occurs.
  • Wear or carry tektite to keep your aura clear of energetic debris, enabling your energy to flow more freely.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color. Sizes are approximate and may be adjusted prior to shipping based on overall diameter and comparative weight.

Price is per (1) tektite. 
Four sizes available:
Small: 0.5"-.75"
Medium: .75"-1"
Large: 1"-1.5"
Extra Large: 1.5"-2"
XXLarge: 2" -3"

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