Lodestone Large Magnetite Choose Female, Male, Pair for Attraction, Luck, Balancing, Grounding, Aura

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Guaranteed highly magnetic, each AA+ quality lodestone has been individually sexed and is available as a single female or male lodestone, or choose an energetically mated male/female pair! If you would like us to create a male/male or female/female energetically matched pair for you, please select "Pair" and then make a note during checkout that you would like to receive two energetically matched males or two females and we'll be sure to send you exactly what you request. Be sure to search our store for lodestone food and add it to your order as our lodestones do not come with it.

Lodestone, also called magnetite, is considered an essential stone for crystal healers, it is known to align the auric field and the many levels of the energy body. Naturally magnetic, lodestone is an excellent stone for balancing polarities in life - physical and spiritual, male and female, left and right hemispheres of the brain among a multitude of others. Magnetite is a powerful stone for manifestation, thanks to its magnetic properties, helping you to attract and bring into your life the changes or desires you seek.

Due to the natural magnetic properties of lodestone, it is highly active on the physical plane. Magnetite is a very grounding stone making it a useful tool for psychics as well as healers. It can help counter “spaciness” when we are not grounded. Some consider the best usage of this stone to be in pairs, stones held in each hand, for example, to help balance both the directive and receptive sides of our bodies.

Magnetite harmonizes with all grounding stones like jet, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, and obsidian. Some magnetite will include visible crystals of other formations such as apatite, garnet, pyroxenes, olivine, pyrite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, and galena. Because of their natural growth pattern, these crystals are also excellent to use when working with lodestone.

To help keep your lodestones charged, you can regularly feed them with lodestone food. The food is fine iron filings and are used to enhance and renew the properties of magnetite.

Determining Lodestone Sex:

Female lodestones are generally more rounded in shape or on the majority of their edges.

Male lodestones are generally a flatter shape or have more pointed edges at the tips.

Each of our lodestones has been visually and energetically sex-assigned. As these are natural stones, the differences may be subtle but the assignment is accurate. Each stone will come individually bagged with their sex clearly noted.

Using Lodestone in Intention Magick and Spellcraft:

* Magnetite (lodestone) can be used individually for drawing or attraction magick to aid in calling in specific intentions such as healing, money, new job, new home, luck, and any other intention where you seek to attract.

* Magnetite (lodestone) can be used in a pair for calling in love, relationships, or anything where more than one person or situation is involved that you want to bring together. Lodestones can be paired as male and female but can also be paired as male and male or female and female, depending on your intention.

* Cast an attraction spell with lodestones and lodestone food by creating a bridge between two stones in an energetically matched pair. By connecting the stones with a short bridge, or line, made of lodestone food, the stones will slowly, over time, pull together, thus completing your spellwork. So mote it be!

Feeding Lodestones:

These lodestones do not come with lodestone food so you will need need to purchase some if you don't already have it. Lodestone food not only keeps the lodestones empowered physically and energetically, but the food is a crucial component in attraction magick. You can get lodestone food right here in our shop:

Lodestone food:

Gold Lodestone food (ideal for money magick):

As opposed to many in the market, our lodestones are guaranteed to be highly magnetic. Each one is tested for magnetism with a large paperclip prior to packaging.

Our lodestones are natural gifts from Mother Earth. Please allow for variations in shape, size, and color.

Price shown are per each for male or female single stones, or select a energetic matched Male & Female pair of two lodestones. Please make a note during your order if you would prefer an energetically matched male/male or female/female pair. 

Approximate size: 1.5" - 3"

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