Petalite Crystal Natural State for Expanding Awareness, Harmony, Vision, Psychic Powers, Meditation

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Our stunning AA petalite crystal in the natural state, chosen for its vibrant energy, has been ethically harvested from small, family-owned mines in Brazil.

Petalite has a deep connection to the realms of spirit, by holding them you may find your awareness expanding and elevating to a place of harmonic tranquility and joy. These crystals allow you to bathe in the bliss of a spirit that has been released from a heavyweight to help facilitate healing.

Petalites are also stones of vision, helping to open the inner eye to the higher dimensions. This crystal can be used to help enhance all psychic powers. A surprising aspect of this stone is that for a naturally high vibration stone, it has a grounding ability to help you stay connected to earthly life while still exploring the higher dimensions. This connection of higher vibration and grounding makes it excellent for manifestation. It helps you bring physical reality to your visions. Petalite can help you remain connected to the spiritual perspective while translating it to a manifestation on this plane of existence.

Petalite, with its soft balanced energy, can be used for inner explorations through an almost effortless application of quieting our minds while elevating our awareness. After meditations, it helps us to embody that consciousness.

Using petalite:
- Carry petalite to help release stress and anxiety.
- Meditate with this crystal to access higher realms and to open your third eye.
- Wear jewelry with petalite to help with keeping your energy calm and centered.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.

The price is per stone.

Three sizes available:
Small- 0.75"-1"
Medium- 1.25"-2"

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