Galena Crystal Natural for Grounding, Energy Clearing, Meditation, Strength, Shamanic Journey

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Galena is the most powerful stone available for energetic grounding. It activates the root chakra, providing a firm anchor when one feels restless or scattered. Galena aids us in keeping to our goals and focusing our direction to ensure we stay on target. Placing galena in a room will fill it with positive energy and provide motivation making it excellent for a workspace, meditation area, or exercise room. Galena is like an energetic battery and provides a firm and clear boost. You can clear a room of negative or stagnant energy by placing galena in front of you and visualizing those energies being pulled into the stone. For people who cannot use sage (or for people who want a more powerful energy reset), galena stone provides a perfect energy-clearing solution!

Galena is spectacular to behold with its naturally occurring, reflective, liquid-silver coating that provides an opportunity to gaze into one's soul and find it anchored as you continue your journey inward.

Galena is also a stone of alchemical self-transformation, past-life recall, and shamanic soul-retrieval. In alchemy, lead symbolizes the beginning. The human being on the cusp of a journey is similar, also in a state of unpurified physicality. This crystal resonates with that same vibration of beginnings. Like the beginner, who has implicitly embarked on the journey, galena is a powerful stone for initiating the process of awakening. This crystal carries within the seed to help us attain transformation of the self as we journey towards enlightenment.

Those embarking on a shamanic path will find an incredible ally in galena. As a powerful grounding stone, it can carry the awareness of those who meditate with it down into the Earth. It is an ideal stone for journeying into the underworld for soul retrieval. Galena can also help with past-life regression work. This crystal can act like an "inner radar" to help guide you to the memories necessary to help you overcome and heal.

Galena allows you to perceive all aspects of yourself and to integrate them into a more cohesive whole. It helps you to reclaim your power and provide strength as you face difficult tasks or choices.

Galena is a lead sulfide mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, cubes, octahedrons, and fibrous layers. It is a heavy crystal by nature and that weightiness provides a tactile sense of grounding for the crystal worker.

Five Sizes Available: 

Extra Small - 0.25”-0.5”
Small - 0.51”-0.75”
Medium - 0.76”-1”
Large - 1.01”-1.25”
Extra Large - 1.26”-1.5”

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variations in shape, size, and color. Our galena is sourced from mines located in the United States which produce the highest quality Galena in the mineral marketplace.

The price is per stone.

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