Ethiopian Fire Opal Natural Welo Opal AAA+ for Creativity, Emotional Balance, Optimism. Bravery

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Introducing our exquisite Ethiopian Fire Opal that will ignite your senses and awaken your inner fire. Also known as Welo opal, these genuine and natural stones in their raw opal state hold a power that is nothing short of extraordinary. Each Opal is carefully selected for its mesmerizing play of colors, ranging from fiery reds to vibrant blues and purples, greens and yellows, and every sparkling shade in between, encapsulating the essence of passion, creativity, and spirituality. Unleash the profound energy of these incredible stones as you embark on your crystal healing journey. Whether you're seeking inspiration for your artistic pursuits or a deeper connection with your spiritual self, these Ethiopian Fire Opals are the perfect additions to your crystal healing arsenal. Embrace their captivating beauty and let their fiery energy guide you on a transformative path.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variations in shape, size, and color. The price is per stone.

Four Sizes Available --
Small: 0.5"-0.75"
Medium: 0.75"-1"
Large: 1"-1.25"
Extra Large: 1.25"-1.5"

Please note that each stone has its natural matrix attached. This is a soft material and can be detached from the opal itself if you desire by using needle nose pliers or tweezers to gently break it away. The sizes shown are inclusive of the matrix, are approximate, and are measured at the widest distance points on the stone. Some sizing is adjusted if a stone is smaller in length or width but very bulky in overall dimensions.

About Ethiopian (Welo) Fire Opal:

Ethiopian fire opal awakens one's passion and creativity. This stone carries a frequency of ecstasy, stimulating the second chakra, known for creative and sexual energies. Fire opal will enhance the intensity and pleasure of one's experiences. When working with matters relating to sexuality, the connection to the emotional body that opal carries will help to blend more love into the experience. If you are shy or harboring shame holding you back from these experiences, this stone will help you to ease your inhibitions, release some of the self-consciousness and allow for greater enjoyment. Working with fire opal for spiritual pursuits can help you increase the emotional connection to these workings which may foster a deeper understanding and enlightenment of your spiritual practice.

Through the connection to the sacral chakra, fire opal stimulates the creative self and how one expresses themselves and their emotions through art, thereby promoting artistic creativity. Fire opal is said to stimulate change, invoke optimism and encourage bravery. It can help us overcome defeatist thinking, shyness, and fear of taking action. This stone can bring an energy of playfulness and curiosity into your life. This stone is also said to help us to balance and heal emotional instabilities by fortifying our social skills and promoting mutual support within relationships of all types. Fire opal is known to help one improve self-esteem by enhancing our ability to communicate with others in a positive manner.

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