Lemurian Seed Crystal Points AA+ Clarity Natural for Focus, Psychic Ability, Awareness, Inner Light

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Boost your crystal grids or meditations with our beautifully clear Lemurian seed crystal points.

Lemurian quartz, also known as a Lemurian seed crystal, is an amazing and incredibly energetic variety of quartz with links to the ancient mythological civilization of Lemuria. These beautiful crystals embody a connection to the divine feminine. Though they may embody the feminine, these crystals are powerful balances of duality. These crystals can help us find the point of harmony within our life.

Lemurian quartz is a visionary stone, when used in meditation it may help you connect with this lost civilization. When used for focus, these crystals can help you with healing practices and psychic abilities. You may find these crystals to be deeply soothing to the mind and help you shut down anxieties before meditation and awakening your inner light. Through this awakening, you may receive and understand your inner guidance or intuitions with a little more ease.

Using Lemurian quartz:
- Use Lemurian quartz to quickly enter a meditative state and receive visionary messages.
- Wear Lemurian quartz to help with spiritual self-healing and expanded awareness.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variations in shape, size, and color.

The price is per crystal.

Four Sizes to choose from:
Extra Small - 0.5"-1" (small points and thin shards)
Small - 0.65"-1.15"
Medium - 0.75"-1.25"
Large -1.25"-1.85"

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