Bismuth Crystals Natural Rainbow Rare Medium Specimen for Vitality, Change, Focus, Shamanic Journey

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Bismuth forms crystals in formations like steps or pyramids due to an accelerated growth at the outside edges. The fantastic rainbow colors are due to oxidation on the surface. Natural crystals of this quality are rare as most available are laboratory grown. Our beautiful bismuth crystals are natural gifts from mother earth, each one unique in color and crystal structure.

When used in a spiritual practice, bismuth can help remove the blocks that we place in our path allowing for the relief of isolation, facilitating the feeling of connectedness and serenity. Bismuth is useful when experiencing change, providing for calmness, vitality, and orderliness. Bismuth facilitates the enjoyment of travel and stimulates group and relationship cohesiveness.

Three sizes available:
Small- 2-6 gram weight
Medium- 6-11 gram weight
Large- 11-18 gram weight

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