Copper Nugget Tumbled For Energy Work, Channeling, Manifestation, Healing, Energy Conduit, Balance

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Copper is well known as a healing metal, particularly for rheumatism and arthritis as well as being used with disorders of the blood and metabolism. Copper is conductive when worn on the body and will enhance the healing effect of any crystal or gemstone when both touch the body to increase the energetic healing properties contained within.

As both a base element and a mineral, natural copper is an excellent metal for channeling energies. It is considered to be the metal of the magick due to its ability to ground and transfer a wide array of frequencies. It acts as a conduit to aid in the successful manifestation of intention. It is an excellent addition to healing grids, energy work, spells, and crystal healing with direct body contact. When held or worn next to the body, it can aid in the recovery of illness, addictions, and instabilities of all kinds. Copper can be used when trying to locate lost objects or recovering property.

Copper is a natural amplifier of energy and can be used to fashion healing tools.

Copper teaches us balance and respect for ourselves, the Earth, and all the beings on it. It helps us gain wisdom and perspective on our emotional experiences. Copper harmonizes with all stones with the exception of meteorites and tektites, which can create overly intense energetic fields when combined with copper and cause overload.=

Two sizes*:
Small - 0.5" - 0.75"
Large - .75" - 2"

* Some nuggets will be thicker than other pieces and will be sized up or down accordingly. Sizes are approximate.

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