Rainbow Flame Aura Quartz Large Crystal Point for Creativity, Clairvoyance, Intuition, Empathy, Meditation, Psychic Energy, Introspection

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Rainbow Flame aura quartz crystal points in vibrant shades of blue, purple, gold, and pink make a stunning addition to your gemstone collection. Pictures of these stones do not do them justice!

Rainbow Flame aura quartz points are an excellent stone for creativity, both removing blockages to creativity and enhancing creative powers. An intensely visual stone, promoting clairvoyance and all forms of "seeing." They are used in meditation and yogic practice, where it appears to stimulate the upward movement of the kundalini. Carrying the mineral is said to assist in "reading" people." Rainbow flame aura quartz stimulates the third eye intensely. These stones are fantastic for healing dysfunction in relationships. Rainbow flame aura is associated with creativity, art, the third eye, mysticism, psychic energy, meditation, and introspection.

Titanium molecules are bonded to the quartz through heat and the natural electrostatic charge of the crystal. Titanium is one of the strongest and most beautiful of all metals. The fantastic colors are permanent and will neither rub off nor fade. Because the colors are produced by blending natural substances with a natural affinity, and not by a dye, the metaphysical properties are enhanced rather than destroyed.

As with all natural gifts of Mother Nature, please allow for variation in size, color, and structure.

The price is per point.
Size: 1.5"-2.5"

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