Moqui Marbles Shaman Stones Pair Natural Sandstone Concretion for Shamanic Journey, Inner Harmony

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Meditate with a pair of our Moqui Marbles to help call on your inner balance and harmony as you continue the deep work of spiritual growth or shadow work. These incredibly energetic stones are an excellent addition to your crystal cabinet.

Moqui Marbles (also called Shaman Stone) are sandstone concretions found in the Grand Canyon. They get their name "Moqui Marbles" from their history of being used in play by the Moqui Natives of that area in a manner that is similar to playing with marbles.

Moqui Marbles are incredible tools for shamanic journeying, rebirthing, or any form of transformational inner work. These stones help to guide you to the experiences that will be the most beneficial to healing or spiritual growth. They seemingly have a way of turning your inner radar towards what you need most to bring from your subconscious to your conscious behaviors.

Moqui Marbles offer psychic protection for those who are doing this deep inner journey work. They also help your perception, facilitating clarity in working with guides as you continue this deep work. They are said to help balance the polarities of your vibrational field helping to achieve a better sense of balance and inner harmony.

Using Moqui Marbles/Shaman Stones:
- Meditating with shaman stones can help to align and attune all chakras to the etheric and astral bodies.
- Moqui marbles can help guide shadow work, shamanic journeys, and similar practices toward healing.
- These stones act as protection during meditation and out-of-body experiences.
- Carry these stones in a small bag to help you shed discomfort at walking your path towards spiritual growth and achieving a higher vibration.

The price is per pair of stones (two stones).
Size: 0.75"

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