Blue Tiger's Eye Hawk Eye Tumbled Stone for Ease Anxiety, Motivation, Communication, Throat Chakra

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Blue Tiger's Eye is useful as an aid to memory and mental agility. It helps to integrate both hemispheres of our brain allowing us to differentiate between what is wishful thinking for our needs and what we truly need. This is a stone of stability and inner calm, helping you to reduce stress and anxieties.

Radiating with the blue-ray and aligning to the throat chakra, this stone helps increase your determination, motivation, and willpower to help you as you work towards making your dreams manifest. The energies of blue tiger's eye will help you with communications by giving you the courage to not only know your thoughts but the will to bring them to life. It is a stone of patience, tolerance, and open-mindedness. If you are feeling stuck, this is a good crystal to pick up to help you move forward with purpose by helping you release your fears and clear the blocks in your path.

All tiger eye stones and crystals are protective and carry the energies of vitality and courage. Some blue tiger's eye is naturally laced with gold tiger eye. When you work with both a blue tiger's eye and a gold tiger's eye (also available here at Sacred Mists Shoppe!) you will receive amplified benefits coming from both stones.

Using blue tiger's eye:

- Wearing a blue tiger eye over your through will help to open the lines of communication between your lower chakras will and your upper chakras desire enabling you to effectively voice and carry out your dreams.
- Carry blue tiger eye if you are in a stressful environment to help you ease your anxiety.
- When you feel stuck and that you just can't move forward, wear or carry blue tiger eye to help you see through the obstacles to make forward movement.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color. You may see multiple shades of tiger's eye in a single piece, this adds to the allure and energy of the stone.

The price is per stone.

Size: from 0.75"-1.75”

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