Larimar Tumbled Crystal RARE for Throat Chakra, Divine Feminine, Emotional Healing, Ease Stress

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Larimar is a stone of tremendous benefit for healing and soothing energies. It is a form of blue pectolite and is considered a single-source stone, as there is only one place that this beautiful and rare gem is found, in the Dominican Republic.

Larimar is a stone of feminine power helping you to access the divine feminine within. It emanates nurturing and balancing energies that will help connect with the inner knowing the divine feminine brings us. As you work with larimar, you can expect your intuition and receptivity can be expected to increase.

It supports a state of confidence, well-being, and relaxed knowledge of your capabilities. As a throat chakra crystal, it can help provide you with the power of clear communication with the emotional strength and fortitude to speak with heart-centered awareness.

One of the many benefits of larimar is relaxation; it soothes the emotional body. It can help you release attachments that no longer serve you while relieving stress from your life. 

Using larimar:
  • Wear larimar to keep your temper cool and feel like you are in an oasis of peaceful energies.
  • Use larimar in crystal grids for emotional healing, throat chakra work, and releasing.
As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.
Price is per stone. 

Three sizes available:
Small 0.5"-0.75"
Medium 0.75"-1.25"
Large 1.25"-2"

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