Turquoise Tumbled Crystal Communication, Well-Being, Serenity, Easing Anxiety, Protection, Wholeness

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Turquoise is a beloved and sought-after spiritual stone that is found in jewelry and talismans for kings, shamans, and warriors around the world. It is a stone of protection, communication, wholeness, and healing.

As a stone of protection, turquoise helps to protect us from physical harm. In ancient times, it was thought to protect riders from injury due to falls and was fashioned into their bridles. Turquoise benefits the mood through balancing and is said to induce a sense of serenity or peace. It is a stone of empathy helping you to recognize the causes of happiness or unhappiness and assists in mastering those emotions. It dispels negativity and promotes self-realization. This crystal helps protect the body by adding strength to help ease depression, anxiety, and panic attacks through its soothing energies.

Turquoise is a stone for finding wholeness and truth while aiding in communication and the manifestation of those qualities. It stimulates and harmonizes the throat chakra, allowing you to be more articulate in sharing your wisdom and truth. As a stone of wholeness, it is beneficial to our overall well-being. It is balancing and brings forward our sense of serenity or peace. We are able to perceive the disparate aspects of ourselves and integrate those into a more cohesive whole. This stone represents the wisdom that comes from the experiences of life and that through this holistic viewpoint we see that we can be whole by embracing the truth of who we are.

Turquoise teaches us the wisdom of compassion and forgiveness. Through this heightening of emotional intelligence, turquoise shows us that when we release judgment and view others through a lens of forgiveness or compassion, we too are granted those very gifts. This crystal has the ability to heal our emotional bodies, helping to relieve stress and bring our awareness to our hearts. This stone encourages us to forgive ourselves, accept ourselves and release regrets that hold us back. It encourages you to honor yourself, integrate and embrace each aspect of the self to heal and become whole.

Turquoise helps to strengthen the energy fields of the body, enhancing communication between the physical and spiritual realms. It supports intuition during meditation helping us to see the spiritual energies and paths while remaining grounded. It offers strength and protection during astral travel, deeper meditative states, and vision quests.

Using turquoise:
- Wear turquoise at your throat to improve your ability to communicate more clearly.
- Use turquoise in crystal grids for compassionate communication.
- Place turquoise near your water bottle to infuse your water with serenity and well-being.
- Meditate with turquoise to improve the process of meditation and to further your peace of mind.
- Turquoise helps support those in the workplace by facilitating clearer communication and reducing anxiety.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variations in shape, size, and color.

Small- 0.5"-0.75"
Medium- 0.75"-1"
Large- 1"-1.5"

The price is per stone.

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