Young Amber Copalite Tumbled Stone, Ease Sadness, Chakra Activation & Balance, Solar Energy, Healing

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Young amber, also known as copal amber or copalite, is an excellent addition to any crystal and healing work, as it is a powerful cleanser with gentle energies. This unique stone draws out and transmutes negativity from the environment. Its soft, radiant vibrations are helpful in emotional healing for sadness and anxiety.

Young amber can be used to link our everyday or “waking” self to our higher or “divine” self. Through this connection of our mundane lives to our spiritual lives, we can open, cleanse, and activate all chakras, helping us to balance our energies and body.

About Young Amber:
Young amber is a hardened resin produced from organic materials, commonly attributed to ancient pine and other resinous trees or plants. Copal, while in appearance, resembles amber; it is not true amber. Amber is a fossilized and hardened tree resin that is greater than 100,000 years old. Copal or Copalite is the term given to the same type of resins that are not yet old enough to have sufficiently hardened to be considered fossilized amber which is why it is also known as 'young amber'. Copal amber has been used in jewelry making for millennia.

Using Young Amber, Copal Amber, Copalite:
- Place amber copal on a healing altar to encourage detoxification of energies and balancing of the chakras.
- Carry amber copal to help transmute negativity in your immediate surroundings.

As with all natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.
The price is per stone.
Size: 0.5"-0.75"

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