Amphibole Angel Phantom Quartz Crystal Tumbled Stone for Third Eye & Crown Chakra, Compassion

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Amphibole quartz is also called angel phantom or angel wing quartz. This is one of the most dramatic-looking of the many quartz types with inclusions. The amphibole which includes such minerals as tremolite, actinolite, and hornblende make up for the inclusions in angel wing quartz. These were discovered in a remote area of Brazil and are quite rare.

The name given to this variety of quartz is a result of the shape of the inclusions as they may appear as "angel wings" or angel feathers inside.

These stones resonate with the higher mind including the third eye and crown chakra. Touching the third eye with the tip of one of these crystals has been known to send a stream of fine vibration through the third eye and to the crown, linking and activating these centers.

Other uses of these stones including working with your "guardian angels", the manifestation of our higher selves, and allows us to act from a place of love for the benefit of all.

Just as angel wing quartz can move us into more enlightened states and perspectives, it influences everyone who comes near it. This makes it an ideal stone for home or your work environment. If you place one on your desk it can help dissolve negativity and allow for more positive interactions. If you place one under your pillow it encourages sweet dreams.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color. We have three sizes available for this stone, sold by weight.

Small: 8-16 grams size ranges up to 2" long and 0.5" high
Medium: 25-39 grams size ranges up to 2.5" long and 0.75" high
Large: 40-60 grams size ranges up to 2.5" long and 1.25" high

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