The Moon Tarot Pillar Candle with Pewter Pendant for Illusion Breaking, Overcoming Fears, Dream Magick, Ritual, Spells, Altar, Candle Magick

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Beautiful in yellow, our Moon tarot pillar candle is ready to support your ritual and spellwork. Included with this candle is a lovely pewter pendant depicting the card itself; wear this pendant to create a link to the magick you are invoking with this candle.

About the energy of the tarot card:

The Moon is a card that speaks to us of dreams and lunacy. Yet, when we invoke the magick of the Moon, we illuminate our lives with the fantastic. Use this candle to break through illusions, deceit, irrational fears that distract us from our highest potential.

This beautiful candle is hand-poured in the USA.
Fragrance: Sunflower Blossoms
Pillar Size: 2" x 6.5"

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