Wheel of Fortune Tarot Pillar Candle with Pewter Pendant for Fate, Transformation, Chance, Karma

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Featuring beautiful white wax and a fresh lily of the valley scent, our Wheel of Fortune tarot pillar candle is ready to support your ritual and spellwork. Included with this candle is a lovely pewter pendant depicting the card itself; wear this pendant to create a link to the magick you are invoking with this candle.

About the energy of the tarot card:
The Wheel of Fortune card, like the Tower, can sometimes be less than a happy thing. However, when we invoke the magick of the Wheel of Fortune card, we understand that what goes up must also come down. Use this candle to work magick with fate, karma, and chance.

This beautiful candle is hand-poured in the USA.
The price is per candle.
Size: 6.5" x 2"
Fragrance: Lily of the Valley
Paraffin blend wax with a cotton wick.

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