Meditation Affirmation Pillar Candle - Embrace Serenity and Positivity for Intention, Ritual, Tranquility, Candle Magick, Altar, Home Decor

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Awaken Your Senses and Spirit -
Discover serenity with our Meditation Affirmation Pillar Candle, a beacon of tranquility for your mind and soul. This elegantly crafted candle is more than just a light source; it's a journey toward inner peace and positivity.

Luxurious Musk Fragrance -
Infused with an uplifting musk blend, our candle offers a subtle yet invigorating aroma. The unique fragrance is designed to elevate your meditation experience, gently guiding you into deeper realms of relaxation and mindfulness.

Affirmation for Daily Inspiration -
Each candle includes an inspiring affirmation, serving as a daily reminder of your strength and potential. Light the candle to release its empowering message, fostering a positive mindset and encouraging personal growth.

Aesthetic and Functional -
This meditation candle not only enhances your spiritual practice but also adds a touch of elegance to your decor. Its serene presence makes it a perfect addition to any room, creating a peaceful atmosphere where you can unwind and reflect.

Ideal Gift for Mindfulness Enthusiasts -
Looking for a thoughtful gift? Our Meditation Affirmation Pillar Candle is an ideal choice for anyone passionate about meditation, yoga, or personal well-being. It's a meaningful way to show care and support for their spiritual journey.

Embrace a Tranquil You -
Let our Meditation Affirmation Pillar Candle be your companion in the pursuit of tranquility. Light it during your meditation sessions or anytime you need a moment of calm, and let its gentle essence soothe your soul.

The price is per candle.
Size: 2" x 4".
Burn time: Approximately 30 hours.
Fragrance: Musk blend.
Wax type: Paraffin-blend wax with a cotton wick.

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