Reversing Black and Red Spell Candle for Removing Blocks, Opening Roads, Success, Intention, Protection, Candle Magick, Ritual, Witchcraft

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Illuminate your journey with our Black & Red Reversing Spell Candle, expertly crafted for rituals targeting blockage removal, road opening, and protection on your path to success! This candle serves as a beacon of strength and focused intention amidst challenges.

The dynamic blend of black and red signifies willpower, courage, victory, and protection. Ignite this candle with purpose, allowing its flickering flame to lead you through rituals, empowering you to release negativity, safeguard against harm, and manifest your intention.

Embrace transformation with our Black & Red Reversing Candle. Let its radiant glow inspire courage and resilience as you explore the mysteries of magick.

Size: 9" x 1.5"

The price is per candle.

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