Samhain Celebration Altar Kit Handmade: Embrace the Magickal Turn of the Wheel for Ritual, Halloween

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Samhain Celebration Altar Kit: Embrace the Magickal Turn of the Wheel

Elevate your Samhain rituals with our exclusive Samhain Celebration Altar Kit, thoughtfully curated to connect you deeply to the season's mystical energies.

Included in this Kit:

1. Handmade Cherry Wood Lunar Raven Pentacle Altar Tile (4-inch): Crafted from premium cherry wood and fire-etched, this unique altar tile showcases the striking lunar raven design, encapsulating the energies of both the moon and the raven - symbols of intuition and transformation.

2. Ceramic Black & White Pentacle Spell Candle Holder: Meticulously designed for the modern witch, this holder ensures your candles burn safely while radiating magical energy.

3. Spell Candles with Purpose:
Black Beeswax Spell Candle: Draw in protective energies and banish negativity from your sacred space.
Natural orange Beeswax Spell Candle: Attract prosperity and success, and honor ancestors as the veil thins on Hallow's Eve.

4. Chrome Silver Finger Bell: Add a touch of the ethereal to your rituals. Ring in the ancestors, call upon The Crone and cleanse the surrounding energy with its clear, resonating chime.

5. Natural Rough Obsidian: A powerful grounding stone, obsidian shields against negativity and helps release disharmony.

6. Natural Tumbled Carnelian: Stimulate creativity, boost energy, and embrace the Samhain spirit with the fiery power of Carnelian.

7. Handcrafted Samhain Incense: These ritual-sized sticks are infused with the evocative aromas of Zanzibar Clove and Viburnum, creating a rich and stimulating scent profile that is as mysterious as the season itself.


* Complete Altar Setup: No need to shop piece by piece. When purchased individually the components of this kit retail for $37.65, saving you $7.70. This comprehensive kit offers all you need to decorate your altar harmoniously with Samhain's essence.

* High-Quality, Authentic Materials: Each item is sourced and crafted to offer authenticity and elevate your rituals.

* Ideal for Beginners & Seasoned Practitioners: Whether you're just starting out or have been celebrating Samhain for years, this kit is tailored to meet your needs.

Celebrate the ancestors, honor the past, and prepare for the coming winter with the Samhain Celebration Altar Kit. Create a Halloween space filled with love, respect, and magical intent. Order yours today and be ready for the most potent time of the year. ?✨

*Note: Each kit is uniquely assembled, so natural variations in the stones and wood grain might occur, adding to the charm of each individual set.*

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    This kit is beautiful. It has everything that I need to attend my first Samhain Ritual! The Raven Plaquard is just gorgeous and so beautifully crafted.

    Published by Willow Moon Mountain on 7th Oct 2023

    I can't wait for the Samhain Sabbat!

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