Samhain and Halloween Incense Collection: Fire, Witchcraft, and Samhain Incense Set Handmade

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Step into a world of mystical fragrances with our curated Samhain and Halloween Incense Collection Set. Each handcrafted package brings to life unique, captivating scents designed to elevate your senses and enhance your ambiance. This set includes three full-sized packages of 10 meticulously handcrafted incense, each with its own, unique blend of fragrances and energies, a total of 30 sticks. Prepare to be transported to ancient lands as you delve into the realms of magick.

First in this collection are our Samhain incense sticks. A tribute to the ancient festival, this fragrance combines the rich warmth of Zanzibar Clove with the floral subtleties of Viburnum. Allow it to envelop your space with an aroma reminiscent of autumn's magic.

Next, we bring you our Fire incense sticks. Ignite your passions with this bold blend. Ceylon Cinnamon's spicy allure merges seamlessly with the deep, woody essence of Heartwood. Perfect for those evenings when you seek warmth and comfort.

Completing this bewitching set are our Witchcraft incense sticks. Revel in mystique and magick, as tantalizing Zanzibar Spices dance with the creamy sweetness of Vanilla. A scent designed to charm and captivate.

Take your incense experience to another level and unleash your inner alchemist as you design a perfect holiday scent by burning two or more incense scents in a single ritual. The fragrances in our Samhain and Halloween Incense collection are intentionally curated to blend harmoniously, promising an incredibly aromatic experience that is uniquely yours.

Elevate your sensory experience and indulge in the magic of the Samhain Incense Set. Whether you're looking to create a serene environment, rekindle memories of fall festivals, or immerse yourself in an aromatic ritual journey of celebration, this set is your passport to an olfactory adventure. Order yours today and let the fragrances enchant your world.

Each set includes three, 10-stick packs of our handmade incense: one pack of Fire, one pack of Witchcraft, and one pack of Samhain sabbat incense.

A total of 30 handcrafted incense sticks.

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