Lunar Raven Pentacle Altar Tile Handmade Fire-Etched with Cherry Wood Finish for Samhain, Ritual

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Elevate your sacred space with the majesty of the moon and the mystique of the raven.

Discover the enchanting blend of nature and magic with our meticulously handcrafted Lunar Raven Altar Tile. Etched using a modern technique, each design reveals the captivating dance between the full moon and the raven's silhouette, making every tile a unique testament to nature's mysteries.

Bring home a piece of transcendental beauty with our fire-etched Lunar Raven Altar Tile. Invoking age-old traditions and the enchanting mystery of the raven, this handmade masterpiece is not just an altar accessory but a gateway to deeper spiritual connections and celestial energies. Make it yours today and transform your spiritual space into a haven of peace and mystical allure.

This handmade treasure will serve its magickal purpose as a candle plate, pentacle representation on your altar, or simply provide spiritual imagery for your sacred spaces.

Order yours today and embrace the magick of the moon and raven. As a handcrafted item, natural variations in the wood grain and design might occur, adding to the charm of this unique altar tile and making each a one-of-a-kind.

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