Moonflower Datura Plant Seeds for Moon Gardens, Psychic Vision, Faeries, Shamanic-Work

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The Moonflower Datura (Datura inoxia) is a herbaceous perennial native to Central and South America, with worldwide distribution.  

The flowers are oversized, and this plant is attuned to the moon. With beautiful flaring trumpet blossoms in moonshine white, the scent is sweet, warm, and intoxicating!

All parts of the plant are toxic; no part of this plant should ever be taken internally.  

Datura has long been thought that you could receive enhanced gifts from this plant, including wisdom and strength. It is known to grant the feeling of spirit flight or the ability to shapeshift in shamanic journey work. Some of the magickal properties of this plant include psychic vision and spirit voices, dream magic, inspiring lust, and desire. It is further said to connect to the faerie realm, specifically those that are most active at night.

This magickal, vining plant blooms at night, releasing an intoxicating, and beautifully mystical fragrance. Here at the Covenstead, I have the Moonflower Datura cultivar growing right alongside my Morning Glory plants. In the morning, they bloom with shades of deep blue and purple. Then, as the day wanes, their blossoms turn inward and close in quiet slumber. Soon after, the Moonflower begins to unfurl her petals, and she begins to release a delicious fragrance that weaves itself through the garden. These special flowers create a sense of ethereal wonder and blessings each night!

Cultivation: Hardy in zones 7-10. This plant prefers a sunny, mesic to dry location, and will grow in poor soil, sand or cobble. Sow seeds in spring. Use a sandy, alkaline mix (cactus mix) or sow outdoors in fast-draining soil. Barely cover the seed and tamp well, then water and allow to dry out before watering again. Keep doing this until germination occurs. It can take some time. We’ve seen the seeds germinate all at once after the potting soil became dry and very hot from being in the direct sun.

One packet of 10 organic seeds. Open-pollinated and non-GMO.

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