Great Blue Lobelia Organic Plant Seeds for Cold Relief, Healing Garden, Witch's Garden, Herbalist

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Great Blue Lobelia is a flowering herbaceous perennial hardy in zones 4-9. This plant is known to be a powerful antispasmodic and stimulant to the respiratory system as well as usage in love spells and protection against magickal attack. The flowers are an excellent attractant to bees and butterflies. 
Spiritual and Magickal Usage:
  • When used in incense it is said to aid in spirit communication and enhancing trance for meditation.
  • Add the flowers to love spells and weather magick.
  • Using the flowers and leaves/stems around the base of a candle adds purification and blessings to the space, especially good after a move.
  • Crush dried leave and place them in your pillowcase to encourage dreams and recall.
Herbal Uses:
  • When added to a poultice it can relax muscles to help relieve pain from sprains and muscle tension.
  • Added to a tea it is said to be helpful for cold relief and fevers.
  • A poultice of crushed leaves applied to the head is said to relieve headache.
This plant prefers partial to full sun with rich, moist soil. The seeds are light-dependent for germination so lightly tamp seeds into soil or cover with 1/4 inch. Keep the soil evenly moist to germinate, which takes 1-3 weeks in warm soils. Space your pants 1-2 feet apart.
All information is provided for educational purposes with no guarantee of results; please use all herbal products with care.
Packet of 100 organic Great Blue Lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica) seeds.

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