Channeling Handmade Crystal and Gemstone Amulet for Psychic Energies, Clarity, Wisdom, Intuition

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Wearing this beautiful Handmade Channeling Crystal and Gemstone Amulet, you can facilitate opening yourself to divine light energy for channeling and receiving messages from higher energies. Each stone was chosen for its beauty and power and is then blessed with Reiki. These are beautiful enough to wear for special occasions as well as daily.

Each pendant is custom-crafted and entirely unique. The stone layout may vary from photo. No two pendants are exactly alike.

About the stones:

Selenite - Selenite can lift your awareness to higher planes, making it possible for you to meet with your spirit guides and guardian angels. It helps to facilitate the receipt of advice from your guides. Selenite constantly cleanses and recharges itself. Selenite is a very soft mineral; it should be handled with care. It should never be washed or placed in water because this can erode or damage its surface. Handle with the utmost care. Use Sage or moonlight if you wish to cleanse your amulet.

Chrysocolla - Chrysocolla helps promote honesty, and can help you to feel more comfortable speaking the truth without feelings of guilt. Its subtle energies are an aid to open communications. Chrysocolla enhances the feminine energies and activates one's connection to the Goddess. It is said to clear the throat chakra and assist one in speaking one's highest truth, to awaken compassion, to balance the emotions, and bring peace to the mind and heart.

Smoky Quartz - Smoky quartz is one of the premier stones for grounding. It can help even the "flakiest or spaciest" of folks find their way to earth to function fully. If you are working with the higher realms, smoky quartz can help you come back to the physical world and into your body. It is highly beneficial to use smoky quartz after any meditation or ritual work to help facilitate a grounded spirit.

Amethyst - Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment. It aids to transmute lower energetic frequencies into the higher frequencies of the etheric and spiritual levels. It represents the principles of complete metamorphosis. As a balancer of the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies, it provides a clear connection between planes of existence. Amethyst grants us stability, strength, and peace while cleansing the aura to transmute discordant energies into harmony. It is also a “stone of meditation” as an excellent conductor of the calming energy needed to not only enter mediation but to maintain the state.

Lapis Lazuli - Lapis lazuli activates the third eye, allowing you to receive and access enhanced intuition and spiritual guidance. Lapis lazuli can help enhance your meditative journeys. This stone is said to be good for clairvoyance and precognition, making it an excellent tool for the development and refinement of psychic abilities.

Rutilated Quartz - Rutilated quartz infuses your energy body with Light energy. It is excellent for spiritual inspiration for creative endeavors such as writing or art. This crystal soothes dark moods, offering relief from fears, phobias, and anxiety. It brings a joyful vibration to your energy fields. Rutilated quartz can be used to help you feel less overwhelmed by the responsibilities in your life.

These beautiful pendants are approx 3/4 to - inch in diameter and are very unique. Each one is individually made, so no two pieces are exactly alike. Each one comes with a black satin cord and information card.

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