Sei-He-Ki Handmade Crystal and Gemstone Amulet for Emotional Healing, Light Energy, Heart Symbol

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Sei-He-Ki is the Reiki 2 power symbol for emotional and mental healing. This stunning gemstone and crystal amulet can be worn by the healer, student, or recipient of Reiki energy. Each stone was chosen for its beauty and power and is then blessed with Reiki. These are beautiful enough to wear for special occasions as well as daily.

Each pendant is custom-crafted and entirely unique. The stone layout may vary from photo. No two pendants are exactly alike.

About the stones:

Rose Quartz - Rose Quartz not only activates the heart chakra but opens you up for a deeper connection of love found within the embrace of the heart of the world surrounding you. It has been known to stimulate the crown chakra, third eye chakra, and throat chakra, bringing them into harmony with the heart. All chakras, in fact, benefit from the abundance of love energy that flows from the influence of rose quartz. When using rose quartz to activate the heart chakra you will find that it helps your complete emotional body in the healing of past wounds that have hurt your heart. Further, rose quartz can assist you in creating more compassion in your life.

Aquamarine - Aquamarine encourages openness, tranquility, uplifting moods, and emotions, increases confidence, and gives an increased sense of purpose. It is also known as the traveler's stone, historically people would carry an aquamarine in their pocket for safe travels.

Citrine - Citrine stimulates the crown chakra, allowing for the synthesis between intellect and total perfection. It is helpful for problem-solving, and it is also said to stimulate and accelerate the awakening of the mind. As a stone of the sun and light, it is excellent for clearing the aura and aligning the auric body with the physical, helping to diminish the muddy areas of energy. It can act to stabilize emotions, dispel anger, and encourage one to look towards the sunrise for fresh beginnings.

Chrysoprase - Chrysoprase carries an energy of growth and ripening promise; it brings hope to the darkest region of your shadow self. It helps to remind you of your connection to the world around you. It helps you to accept your birthrights of prosperity, joy, and health. Further, it helps you to understand your connectivity to the world around you, healing feelings of isolation.

These beautiful pendants are approx 3/4 to - inch in diameter and are very unique. Each one is individually made, so no two pieces are exactly alike. Each one comes with a black satin cord and information card.

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