Triple Brighid Goddess Statue for Goddess Worship, Triple Goddess, Altar Decor, Sacred Space

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Brigid, also known as Brighid or Brid, is an Irish goddess worshipped and revered by many. She is considered a triple goddess, with each Brigid carrying their domain of authority as the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. In this beautiful 9.25" tall resin statue, each is shown with tools and correspondences for her aspects. The details on this statue are stunning from the placement of her fiery forge, the young lambs, a corn dolly, scaled snake, athame, and many more! She makes an excellent addition to your altar or as a gift for the Brigid devotee in your life.

Brigid, a Celtic Triple Goddess, is known as the Goddess of The Sacred and Eternal Flames. Her name represents all three sisters, combined as one triple goddess. She is the goddess of the hearth, fertility, poetry, divination, prophecy, healing, the smith's craft, and traditional learning, representing the three aspects of a woman. She is the Goddess of Fire who tirelessly protects those who call upon her.  

Size: 9.25" tall

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