Moon Goddess Statue with Pentagram and Cat Tealight Candle Burner for Candle Magick, Ritual, Altar

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Bring the power of the moon goddess and her faithful feline familiar to your altar with our gorgeous resin Moon Goddess Tea Light Candle Holder Statue. Hand-painted and adorned with gold, purple, and black accents, the phases of the moon are represented at her center with a black cat familiar at her feet. Gentle, golden leaves surround the goddess along with stars and pentagrams creating a beautiful statue full of symbolism and energy. This beautiful goddess will bring illumination to your altar, meditation, and sacred space.

Each statue is beautifully hand-painted, please allow for variations.

Usage Tip:
If you want to use this goddess statue for cone or resin incense we recommend that after burning a tea light candle completely down that you clean out the metal candle cup, making sure there is no remaining candle residue or wick left behind. Place a little sand in the cup for insulation then place your incense cone or charcoal disc on top of the sand.

Another Usage Tip:
Place a favorite crystal in the upraised bowl, creating a perfect energy focus for your altar or rituals. You can use her when charging your crystals, as well!

Size: 7.5" tall

Tea light candle not included. Price is per each. 

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