Spiral God and Goddess Travel Statue Set for Altar Decor, Ritual, Ceremony, Devotion, Altar Tool

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Standing at just over three inches this beautifully made statue pair is perfect for small space altars or the witch on the go! Detailed with the spiral inward on one side and a skeletal tree with crescent moon on the opposing side, these statues are not only functional but contain the duality of the inner and outer worlds we inhabit.

The Spiral God.

He embodies life, poised at the moment of beginning. Even in the dark of night we have the promise that a new day will dawn. And also in the darkness the earth in the rich black soil, encased in a hard dark seed coat, seeming lifeless, exists all the energy of new life. The fallow period of our natural seasons assured the ancients that the cycles of our lives also continue on.

The Underworld God was feared but not fearsome. When he found love and his queen, together they offer us the crucial, hidden element of the spiral, the time when the soul rests and prepares to be reborn, to return to the cycles of life.

He is the intimate blackness of deep earth, the expansive darkness of the infinite Universe, and the mysterious darkness of magick and possibility.

The Spiral Goddess.

As surely as night follows day and as surely as the seasons turn, each life spirals through its seasons of darkness. Wise Black Spiral Goddess reminds us that our dark, quiet, barren periods are meant to be times of reflection, introspection and deep spiritual growth. As the seed rests in the dark earth before sprouting into the warm sunshine and quenching rains, so must we pass through the cave of the crone on our path to the joyful dawning of new enlightenment.

Designed by Abby Willowroot.

Spiral Goddess size:3.5" tall
Spiral God size: 3.25" tall

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