Wise Crone Elder Goddess Statue for Wisdom, Strength, Altar Decor, Ritual Statue, Sacred Space

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The wise Crone Elder Goddess Statue wears the cloak of wisdom and carries an owl symbolizing mystery and strength. Cast in gypsum stone, this beautiful antiqued-white statue was created by Abby Willowroot. 

The Crone is an aspect of the triple goddess, along with the maiden and mother. The Crone represents wisdom, death, and endings. One of her symbols is the waning crescent moon. She is the seer, the healer, and grandmother. The knowledge of the Crone is that of experience; she's mistress of the crossroads, helping to heal and find direction. 

The Crone can be found within us all as the wise woman who ignites the healing spark; she teaches us to honor our energy and path. Call on the inner wise woman with this stunning altar statue, bringing her passion for sharing knowledge and connections to your spiritual path. This statue will make an incredible addition to your altar as well as an excellent gift for anyone who seeks to work with this energy or is entering the crone years of their life.

Size: 6.5" tall

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