Tree of Life Spiny Oyster Turquoise Pendant in Sterling Silver for Strength, Courage, Purification

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The Tree of Life emerges from a stunning spiny oyster turquoise cabochon, evoking feelings of spiritual connectivity to the world around us. Displaying varying shades of turquoise blue, jade green, veins of metallic copper, fiery orange-red, peach, creams, and whites, each unique stone is a natural work of art that will accent and compliment anything you wear with elegant style. This amazing pendant is simple enough for everyday wear and elegant for special occasions and spiritual work, making this an excellent addition to your jewelry box.

About spiny oyster turquoise:
Spiny oyster turquoise is created from the shell of the spiny oyster and turquoise and is highly coveted as a result of the beautiful colors and energy of this combination. Spiny oysters are believed to provide strength and courage. The shells of these oysters contain all the beauty, depth, tranquility, and power that you find within the element of water making this shell incredibly helpful in helping us to reduce anxiety. Oysters, in general, are magnificent for many reasons including their ability to filter the water in which they live. By extension, the shell of oyster can be considered to be purifying.

Turquoise is a stone of finding wholeness and truth while aiding in communication and the manifestation of those qualities. It stimulates and harmonizes the throat chakra, allowing you to be more articulate in sharing your wisdom and truth. As a stone of wholeness, it is beneficial to our overall well-being. It is balancing and brings forward our sense of serenity or peace. We are able to perceive the disparate aspects of ourselves and integrate those into a more cohesive whole. This stone represents the wisdom that comes from the experiences of life and through this holistic viewpoint, we see that we can be whole by embracing the truth of who we are.

When you combine the energies of these two together you get an incredible combination that helps us to purify our intentions, aiding in dispelling the stresses and anxiety that may be plaguing us as we continue our healing journey towards the wholeness of self. This allows us to focus on the present moment, while facilitating an overall wellbeing as we step into the role of navigating our journey in this life. This stone can help us attain balance and clarity lifting our spirits as we bring a cohesive blending of the physical and spiritual aspects of life.

Size: Pendant diameter is approximately 13/16" with 5/16" bail that has a 1/4" opening. Total hang length is approximately 1".

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