Nautilus Abalone Pendant with Black Lip Shell, Mother-of-Pearl and Sterling Silver - Strength

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Dive into the depths of nature's beauty and spiritual symbolism with this exquisite Nautilus pendant. Crafted with attention to detail, this pendant seamlessly blends the shimmering elegance of black lip shell, mother of pearl, and abalone, all encased in a gleaming sterling silver frame.

Spiritual Significance & Healing Properties:

Nautilus Symbolism: Representing the eternal cycle of growth and strength, the nautilus is a symbol of spiritual evolution. Its mesmerizing spiral pattern embodies one's journey of self-discovery and aligns perfectly with the water element, offering deep introspection and connection to one's inner self.

Abalone Shell: A gift from the ocean, abalone shell offers properties of protection and emotional healing. Its vibrant colors resonate with balance, shielding, and tranquility, providing a serene aura to anyone wearing it.

Mother of Pearl: Deeply connected to the nurturing energies of water and the vastness of the sea, Mother of Pearl bestows upon its wearer the healing embrace of the oceans. Its soft luminescence is a reminder of the gentle touch of nature's healing hands.

Wear this pendant close to your heart and let it be a beacon of growth, protection, and balance. Perfect for those who feel a deep connection with the sea, or anyone seeking a talisman for emotional strength, healing, and calm. Celebrate spiritual growth and encourage its continuation. It's not just a piece of jewelry; it's a spiritual companion.

Add this timeless piece to your collection and embrace the powerful energies of the sea and the spirit. Suitable for both daily wear and special occasions, it's an ode to nature's marvels and metaphysical wonders.

All measurements are closely approximated. Please allow for some differences in dimension as each pendant is handmade.

Size: 1" x 1.25"
Bail: 1/4"
Hang (drop) length: 1.5"

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