Dendritic Opal Pendant with Faceted Onyx Sterling Silver for Protection, Growth, Intuition, Strength

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The centerpiece of this stunning swirling silver pendant is a round dendritic opal cabochon framed by two, faceted pear-shaped onyx. This pendant is both elegant and timeless for spiritual work as well as daily wear.

About dendritic opal:
Dendritic opal is a form of common opal (common opal does not have the flash of precious opal) that features stunning tendrils across the surface that often resembles moss or tree-like structures. These tendril-like inclusions lend the nickname of "moss opal" to this beautiful stone.

Dendritic opal is an excellent stone for getting in touch with the natural environment and nature spirits. This stone promotes growth and can help with the healing of wounds from our past or even past lives. As a stone of healing and growth, it can help you look inward to gain perspective on life situations to better learn from them. If you are at a crossroads and having a difficult time making a decision, this stone can help you evaluate your options and weigh them as you look to find the correct path or decision for yourself.

Dendritic opal can help you strengthen your intuition while you also achieve more clarity in how the world around you is perceived. With greater awareness both of your inner self as well as the world around you, you will find you are able to balance your own energies to be in tune with your life path and more confident as you approach life. As your self-confidence increases, you may also see a positive outlook rising leading you towards a greater inner strength and wisdom. These stones are great for facilitating the achievement of your goals that will bring abundance into your life.

About onyx:
Onyx is an incredible stone for harnessing your inner strength. It enhances your endurance and enables you to carry out difficult or even dull tasks through to their completion. This crystal increases your ability to focus. Through this focus, you can learn challenging new information and a boost to memory retention that onyx brings. It is a stone of self-mastery helping you to control, focus, and direct your will.

Black onyx teaches us how to use energy and power and apply it to a positive force. When you find your energy lagging or your focus on a project or task at hand, onyx can help you with the discipline to carry on to the end. It is an excellent crystal to help you keep your cool and bring about the positive changes you wish with a grounded influence.

Size: Pendant length is 1.25" with 5/16" bail that has a 1/4" opening. Width of pendant at widest point is 1/2". Total hang length is 1.5".

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