Yule and Christmas Incense Collection: Frankincense, Myrrh, and Yule Incense Set Handmade

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Experience the magic of the Yuletide season with our premium Yule Incense Set, exclusively crafted by hand for those who cherish authentic fragrances. This set includes three full-sized packages of 10 meticulously handcrafted incense, each with its own, unique blend of fragrances and energies, a total of 30 sticks. Prepare to be transported to ancient lands as you delve into the realms of holiday warmth, tranquility, and sabbat celebration.

First in the collection is our Frankincense Incense, created with the finest Omani frankincense. Its rich, captivating scent has been cherished for centuries by cultures around the world, known to aid in meditation and purify the environment. Immerse yourself in its mystical presence and invite divine energy to accompany your spiritual journey.

Next up is our Myrrh Incense, crafted with premium Yemeni myrrh. The profound and earthy aroma of this sacred resin is renowned for its ability to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance spiritual connection. As the gentle tendrils of smoke waft through your space, let the Myrrh Incense create an ambiance of serenity and harmony.

Rounding out this enchanting set is our Yule Incense, a blend of bayberry and evergreens. Inspired by the joyful festivities of the winter solstice, this aromatic fusion exudes the comforting scents of nature's blissful embrace. Allow yourself to be transported to a winter wonderland, as the Yule Incense invokes feelings of gratitude, abundance, and warmth.

*** Note: Due to high demand, our Yule incense is currently shipping with our handwritten Special Edition label shown in photo three. ****

Indulge in the captivating allure of our Yule Incense Collection Set and let the ancient scents soothe your soul and uplift your spirit. Whether you seek to enhance your rituals, create a calming atmosphere, or simply delight in the magic of aromatherapy, this collection is a true treasure for the senses. Illuminate your space with the divine essence of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Yule, and discover a world of aromatic enchantment.

Each set includes three 10-stick packs of our handmade incense: one pack of classic Frankincense, one pack of classic Myrrh, and one pack of our Yule sabbat incense.

A total of 30 handcrafted incense sticks.

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