German Chamomile Organic Plant Seeds for Making Tea, Herbalist's Garden, Witch's Garden, Tea Garden

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German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is an annual or overwintering annual native to Europe, which is famous for its highly aromatic tea.

Medicinally, german chamomile is often used for stomach upset, relaxation, and the easing of anxiety. Chamomile is associated with masculine energy and can be used in spells requiring this of a plant. It is used for purification, to facilitate meditation or dreaming sleep. The American South has folklore that shares wearing chamomile around your hair will attract a lover, carry it in your pocket; it will call in good fortune.

Cultivation: German chamomile is a self-seeding annual, as such the hardiness zone guides do not apply. The plant prefers full sun and cool garden soils for germination. Prepare a fine seedbed, mix the fine seed with sand, strew on the surface, and press in hard. Sow in early spring for flowers by early summer. It should be unnecessary to thin the plants as they grow fine closely together.

Packet of 500 organic German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) seeds.

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