Fate's Cauldron Incense & Smudge Bowl Handcrafted Glazed Ceramic Burning Incense, Smudge, Altar Bowl

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Our Fate's Cauldron Incense, Smudge, and Altar Bowl brings a touch of elegance to your practice with its creamy white base and hazy crackles reminiscent of moonlight filtering through the web of life. This bowl has been hand thrown, turned, glazed, and fired by artisan crafters in Japan to provide a lifetime of beauty and functionality to your home or sacred space. Three feet on the base provide heat buffering to protect your surfaces. This special bowl is perfect for burning incense, holding smudge wands, palo santo sticks, offerings, and so much more!

Each bowl is made individually. Base color and pattern are shown but every glazing is unique. No bowl will ever be identical to another.

Use as a smudge bowl to safely hold and store your smudge bundles and sage wands during and after use. Add incense sand to the bottom you have an ideal bowl for incense sticks, cones, or even charcoal tabs for herbal incense, powders, and resins. Pour in some water and you have a blessing bowl or a representation of water. Leave it empty and add crystals or offerings to deity as you work within your personal practice.

Fill with our sifted ocean sand that comes in a variety of colors (or natural white) to support incense sticks and provide a heat buffer for use with charcoal disks. We also offer white incense ash.

Each bowl is individually handcrafted, please allow for some variations in markings and color.

Size: Approx. 4" wide x 2.75" tall

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