Old Fashioned Copper Pot Cauldron for Burning Incense, Blessings, Offerings, Smudge Pot, Altar Tool

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This sturdy, old-world styled, rustic pot cauldron is hand crafted with a beautiful copper finish and can be used for many purposes in your sacred space.

Add a little sand to the bottom you have an ideal bowl for Japanese or joss incense sticks, cones, or even charcoal tabs for fresh incense and resins. Pour in some water and you have a blessing bowl or a representation of water. for your altar. Leave it empty and add offerings to honor deity as you work within your personal practice. With a handle on either side, you can use it as a smudge pot while you carry your smudge wand throughout your space.

These cauldrons are crafted with a rustic finish. Please allow for imperfections.

Size: 7 1/4" with handles (5" diameter bowl), 2" deep.

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