Baroque Brass and Mother of Pearl Ornate Rustic Bowl for Offerings, Burning Incense, Smudge Pot, Cauldron, Altar Bowl, Wishes

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The bright brass of our Baroque Brass and Mother of Pearl incense and smudge bowl is accented with hand-polished and inlaid pieces of ethereal and shimmery mother of pearl. The hand-stamped and hammered ornate floral design added to each of these hand-crafted vessels brings elegance and sophistication to your altar or sacred space.

Excellent for burning incense of all kinds, this bowl can be used for charcoal, stick, cone, powder, as well as coil incense by adding some incense sand to the bowl in order to safeguard the polished interior and capture the ash. Use as a smudge bowl to hold a lit and smoldering smudge stick or palo santo stick safely and securely. Additionally, the mother-of-pearl inlay makes this bowl a perfect addition to your altar as a Water element representation or as a unique cauldron. The rustic, one-of-a-kind handcraftsmanship makes these bowls a stunning addition to your practice and your home.

We have many colors of our hand-blended ocean sand for incense burning available here.

3.5" diameter
~4" height with lid

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