Moss Agate Tumbled Stone for Balance, Stability, Earth Energy, Manifestation, Agreeability

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Moss agate is a transparent and translucent agate containing inclusions which resemble moss or natural foliage. It is a stone that is beneficial to nearly everyone. Moss agate is wholesome and modest in vibration, sharing with us balance and stability. It is an excellent stone for those in recovery or convalescing after an illness. It is deeply connected with Earth's energy, and through that connection can be very grounding energetically. Moss Agate can be used to help you bring your ideas, concepts, and dreams into reality through its grounding influence. It is adept for use in abundance work, promoting the sense of being provided for deep within us. Moss agate is known to encourage us to develop spiritually, transmuting unwholesome tendencies, and practices into more beneficial energies or practices. It helps us bring our dreams to reality with a stabilized peace of mind fusing the spiritual with the physical. Moss Agate leads us towards agreeability, strength in our endeavors, and efficiency in our pursuits. It helps to improve our self-esteem, providing for emotional balance. It can also be used as a communication tool relative to stabilizing Earth and healing the Earth. With the healing aspect combining with the planet communication, it is easy to see that this also would be an incredible stone for fertility and crop growth. With the balancing stability that moss agate brings, we can find ourselves more mentally focused with improved concentration and patience to weather whatever comes our way. If you experience mood swings, stress, and anxiety, this stone is an excellent choice for bringing a sense of homeostasis back to your life.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.

Price is per stone.

Size: 3/4” - 1.25”

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