Aura Sphalerite Natural Standing Crystal Tower with Geode Druzy Inclusions for Meditation

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Delve into the vibrant world of Sphalerite with our meticulously hand-selected standing points, beautifully imbued with natural geode druzy inclusions. Each piece undergoes a unique titanium powder treatment and subsequent heating process, fusing the metal onto the crystal, resulting in a dazzling rainbow aura effect.

For your purchase, our team will intuitively select the most resonant Sphalerite standing point that harmonizes with your energy.

Sphalerite: Energizing, Grounding, and Transformative

Recognized for its capacity to invigorate the first three chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus), Sphalerite is a boon for those seeking balance, vitality, and grounding. Spiritual endeavors often elevate our upper chakras, which, while exhilarating, can detach us from our earthly selves. Sphalerite works diligently to restore this balance by energizing our lower chakras and encouraging better physical care.

Beneficial for those on recovery paths or breaking away from detrimental habits, this stone also hones discernment. It refines our spiritual perceptions, distinguishing genuine insights from mere wishful thoughts. Sphalerite nurtures our nervous system, fortifies focus, and emboldens courage. With its aid, one can harness the power to manifest dreams while remaining grounded in reality.

Resonating similarities with hematite, Sphalerite is a potent manifestation tool. It mirrors back the energies you emit, grounding your aspirations and aiding you in transforming them into reality.

Nature's Varied Artistry: Our Sphalerite standing points are treasures from Mother Earth, so variations in shape, size, and color are natural and expected.

We will choose a crystal for you from our available stock, each one as beautiful as the next!

Approximate dimensions: 3"-3.5" in height and 0.90"-1.20" in width.

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