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Agate Druzy Crystal Heart for Sacred Space, Meditation, Balance, Aura Stabilizing, Grounding, Altar

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Stunning shades of twilight gray, dusky rose, and gentle blues shimmer and sparkle within this one-of-a-kind, extra-large agate druzy crystal heart, making it an excellent addition to your home or sacred space.

Unique, crystalline stalactites reach out from within the heart, lending their energy to this incredible piece. Gray, light blue, cream, rose, and caramel agate flow with orbicular bands around glittering smoky crystals held within. Imagine what you might see within its depths during meditation?

You will receive the exact agate druzy heart shown in the photos. It has been individually carved and hand polished into the shape of the sacred heart using AA+ quality, ethically sourced agate from a small, family-owned mine in Brazil.

Size details:
Length: 4.75" (at tallest)
Width: 5.25" (at widest)
Depth: 2.75" (at thickest)
Weight: 1 pound, 14 ounces.

Stalactite growths begin with a single drop-off mineral-rich water. As the water evaporates, the minerals are left behind and slowly create column-like crystal growth. These formations are associated with our inner world. They help us with the growth and expansion of our higher self. When combined with the properties of agate, you may see an increased ability for healing your inner traumas of the past while providing stable energy to lift you up, expand your consciousness, and connect with your inner divinity.

Agate is a variegated type of chalcedony, usually showing colored bands while others are not patterned at all. Agate provides for the balancing of yin/yang energy and for balancing the physical and subtle bodies. It stabilizes the aura, providing a cleansing effect that also smoothes out discordant energies to transform and eliminated those very energies. It further assists in the evaluation and application of knowledge of what is required to manifest personal well-being.

Agate is a spiritual and grounding stone. It supports and enhances clear thought, improves mental activities, and stabilizes the mind. It also protects from negative energy. Banded agate can be used to restore the natural energies of the body and ease stressful situations.

Using agate:

  • Add agate to a crystal grid for clarity of thought.
  • Place agate stone near your water bottle to add harmonic energy, helping to keep negativity from you.
  • Meditating with agate can help you release stressful situations and restore a sense of balance to your being.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in color as all monitors may display differently.

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