Magnifiscents Incense Sampler by Shoyeido

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Try one stick of each blend from Shoyeido's popular Jewel and Angelic incense lines. 10 distinctive natural incense fragrances in one slim sample pack. A perfect way to try them all and find your favorites! 

Contains one stick of each of the following fragrances:

Diamond: Sparkling sandalwood, frankincense, cinnamon and ginger lily shape this treasured fragrance.

Ruby: Cinnamon and patchouli add soft fire to a rosy sandalwood base.

Emerald: A green, woodsy bouquet comprised of sandalwood and clove.

Sapphire: Crisp tones of clove and vetiver are highlights of this soothing blend.

Amethyst: A silky combination of sandalwood and cinnamon - great to use anytime.

Inspiration: Sandalwood and exotic spices instill the spirit of creativity into this uplifting scent.

Peace: Myrrh, a timeless gift of magi and kings, imbues this blend with the harmony of the ages.

Hope: Resinous frankincense, an aromatic wonder of nature, engenders feelings of faith and devotion.

Joy: Tea leaves and vanilla create a playful scent for a lighthearted mood.

Love: Sandalwood and herbs are united in this splendid and sentimental favorite.

Shoyeido incense makes some of the finest Japanese incenses and is burned in temples throughout Japan. Blended in Kyoto for over 300 years by masters using centuries-old incense recipes and techniques.

  • 1 pack of 10 Magnifiscents Series incense sticks, 5.25"
  • 1 stick each of Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Inspiration, Peace, Hope, Joy, & Love
  • Approx. burning time: 20 min. per stick

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