Imperfect Incense Handmade Sticks 25 Per Pack Limited Scents Trim & Burn for Ritual, Meditation

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A pack of 25 Imperfect Incense sticks of your favorite handmade Sacred Mists Shoppe scents at 25% less than the regular price. Limited to the stock of seconds sticks from each batch, so be sure to check back often. We usually burn these ourselves but decided to share them with all of you!

We select only absolutely perfect sticks for packaging our handmade incense. This results in some remaining "imperfect sticks", or seconds, that don't meet our exacting criteria from each batch of incense that we create. Sometimes these include double sticks, missing masala which would stop a burn, or damaged tips. All of these are easily overcome with some scissors and a quick snip resulting in slightly smaller sticks to burn or even large double sticks that don't fit in a traditional holder. This doesn't make them any less burnable, it just means that they might take a little more processing to make for a great stick of incense. You can even turn a trimmed or snipped stick into two burnable sticks by setting the ends into incense sand rather than a traditional stick holder. The fragrances and scent throw are exactly the same as all of our Sacred Mists Shoppe brand incense sticks, these imperfect sticks just aren't pristine and picture-perfect. A bit rough around the edges, so to speak. But hey, aren't we all? A great deal to be had for anyone who loves our amazing handmade incense.

As always, all of our Sacred Mists Shoppe incense is also available in packs of 10 perfect sticks as well as our curated intention collections right here!


Air: Japanese Yuzu & Cedar
Amber: Ambergris & Labdanum
Atlantis: Sea Grape & Sand Verbena
Attraction: Wildflower Honey & Tahitian Vanilla
Beltane: Red Berries & Tea Rose
Celtic Highlands: Scottish Heather & Spear Thistle
Charge of the Goddess: Parma Violet, Sweet Katsura & Sparkling Berry
Dragon’s Blood: Arabian Cinnabari
Earth: Oakmoss & Tonka Bean
Energy Clearing: Desert Sage & Sweetgrass
Fire: Ceylon Cinnamon & Heartwood
Frankincense: Omani Frankincense
Full Moon: Bergamot & Moonflower
Healing: Kaffir Lime & Dark Amber
Imbolc: Crocus & Hyacinth
Lavender: English Lavender
Litha: Sunflowers & Peony
Love Drawing: Wood Rose & Jasmine
Lucid Dreams: Blue Poppy & Snow Lotus
Lughnasadh: Gingerbread & Honey
Mabon: Orchard Apples & Brown Sugar
Manifesting: Vanilla Bean & Ceylon Cinnamon
Meditation: Dark Pomegranate & Quince
Middle Earth: Sweetgum & Maple Leaves
Myrrh: Yemeni Myrrh
New Moon: Saturn Peach & Vanilla Lily
Ostara: Dragon Fruit & Sandalwood
Patchouli: Sweet Patchouli
Positivity: Sweet Herbs & Sandalwood
Prosperity: Egyptian Kyphi & Almond
Protection: Labdanum& Opopanax
Ritual: Dark Patchouli & Ambergris
Sacred Space: Soft Woods & Forest Moss
Samhain: Zanzibar Clove & Viburnum
Sandalwood: Mysore Sandalwood
Spirit: Sweet Sage & Heartwood
Third Eye: Heliotrope & Dark Attars
Vanilla: Bourbon Vanilla Bean
Water: Ocean Surf & Seagrass
Waning Moon: Vetiver & Sweet Patchouli
Waxing moon: Moss & Almond Verbena
White Sage & Palo Santo: California White Sage & Palo Santo
Witchcraft: Zanzibar Spice & Vanilla Sugar
Yule: Bayberry & Evergreens

Stock rapidly changes on this item as we only have extremely limited quantities of imperfect sticks available so be sure to stock up when you see your favorites and check back often.

25 imperfect sticks per pack.

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