Full Moon Incense Sticks Bergamot & Moonflower Handmade for Esbats, Moon Energy, Goddess

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Our Full Moon incense sticks are handcrafted with sweet bergamot and mystical moonflower, invoking the sense of goddess mystery, magick, and empowerment.

Mystical and exotic, our magickal incense is created with the intention of energy raising, celebration, as well as personal and spiritual empowerment.

Incense is also used as a perfect home fragrance to bring magick and energy into your sacred space.

10 handmade incense sticks per resealable pack. Each stick burns for about one hour.

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6 Reviews

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    Full Moon Incense Sticks Bergamot & Moonflower

    Published by Unknown on 3rd Nov 2023

    I was very excited when I found this incense. I love bergamot! So aromatic, and sensual. It takes me into my ritual headspace almost immediately.

  • 5
    Favorite Scent

    Published by Tiffany on 12th Aug 2022

    I love the scent. I'll be using this for future esbats.

  • 5
    Creates Truly Magical Atmosphere

    Published by Carolyn Maas on 21st Oct 2021

    This incense has that indefinable scent that sets it apart from other scents in that it really smells--I don't know how else to put this--"witchy." Absolutely transformative scent. I catch a whiff of it and I am instantly changed from the inside. Something stirs within and reminds me I am older than the stars. Really special incense that I am only going to burn on the full moon so I make my package last! Love this incense. Can't say enough about it.

  • 4
    Decent Incense

    Published by Megan Thomas on 6th Apr 2021

    Looking forward to burning this on the next full moon! The scent isn't my absolute fave, but I'm glad I have it a shot.

  • 5
    Another lovely incense

    Published by Lors on 4th Feb 2021

    Another lovely incense from sacred mists. Wonderful for the full moon or as a general evening scent. I have only ordered twice from this website, but have been very impressed by the quality. This one has a rich and earthy floral scent to it. Very calming and luxurious. I can see this working well with divination and meditation as well.

  • 5
    Appreciate the high quality

    Published by Richard Hansen on 7th Dec 2020

    I am deeply impressed with the Sacred Mists Full Moon Incense Sticks (Bergamot and Moonflower). The sticks burn slowly (longer than other incense I have used) filling the room with the most wonderful fragrance. I have seldom given much thought to the incense I burn, thinking they are all the same. I was wrong. These are special.

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